Behavioral & Mental Health

There’s a better way to run your practice.

With our behavioral and mental health solutions, you can improve care outcomes, increase financial accountability, reduce administrative overhead, and eliminate duplicative services.

Solutions Designed for You

Electronic Health Record

Our EHR solutions were developed to support your organization, no matter its size.

Claims Billing

Achieve maximum payer reimbursement with our claims billing solution.

Discover our Behavioral Health EHR, Epitomax.

Effective Solutions for Your Practice

At Harris Coordinated Care Solutions, we’re committed to providing you with flexible tools and secure, compliant methodologies that increase operational efficiency and accountability, maximize investment, and foster quality outcomes.

"After six years of working with [Harris], we continue to be excited about the product and the quality of service we receive."
eCCP for Behavioral & Mental Health
VP of Information Technology
"With Epitomax we were able to implement all of our forms and add them to the system so we could continue using them. It’s been a very easy process."
Epitomax for Behavioral & Mental Health
Operations Manager