Choose Harris Coordinated Care EHR and Billing Solutions

Built on decades of proven performance nationwide, Harris Coordinated Care Solutions delivers and supports targeted, feature-rich and robust turnkey EHR EMR and Billing Solutions to connect, collaborate and coordinate care and services across and among the full continuum of health and human services.

Tailored specifically to the needs of behavioral, mental and public health, our electronic health record, case management, care collaboration and revenue cycle management technology is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively coordinate services, deliver more effective clinical and financial outcomes, and above all improve community health and safety.

Harris is well experienced in anticipating industry trends and skillful compliance with regulatory requirements. Having a passion for responding to individual customer needs and keeping ahead of the curve, we are an industry leader in delivering comprehensive EHR EMR and care collaboration software, providing solutions that will meet customer requirements today and grow with them in the future.

With untold experience, industry expertise, best practices knowledge and integrity in relationships, Harris provides leadership in the mission-critical health care and public health marketplace, designing, developing, implementing and supporting standards-compliant products and solutions to deliver Software for Life.

Moreover, while we may acquire as well as build, manage and support behavioral, mental and public health technology that addresses the unique needs of our marketplace; to date, Harris has never sold an acquired company. We are committed to lasting relationships and long-term success. Harris means never having to replace your EHR EMR. 


To deliver a connected and coordinated system of care among clinicians, organizations, financial stakeholders and the individuals they serve. We provide customers with flexible tools and secure, compliant methodologies that increase operational efficiency and accountability, maximize investment and foster quality outcomes.


  • To serve our customers ethically and professionally.
  • To provide affordable and effective solutions to our customers’ problems.
  • To hire and retain knowledgeable professionals.
  • To provide a healthy, enjoyable workplace for our staff.
  • To be a good corporate citizen.
  • To lead and innovate in the marketplace.


Harris Coordinated Care Solutions is an independent operating unit of the Harris Healthcare group of companies. To deliver on our mission and vision, Harris is committed to 10 essential values which guide our business, employee and customer relationships:

Harris Values