Decide How to Implement Your EHR

Whether you’re in the cloud or the on-premise camp, Harris stands ready to accommodate your deployment requirements. Our solutions are available in a Cloud/SaaS Model with secure hosting in a standards-compliant data center in the United States. Or, On-Premise with hosting in your own data center.

Get the Benefits of Secure Hosting Your EHR in the Cloud

AICPA SOC 2 Compliant logoHarris health information technology is offered in the cloud with implementation in a secure data center supporting HIPAA/HITECH as well as SOC (SSAE-18) compliance*. Providing secure, efficient and cost-effective data management, secure hosting relieves demands on our customers’ own internal capabilities, freeing up enterprise IT staff resources for other tasks.

Cloud/SaaS deployment also significantly reduces infrastructure start-up and environmental maintenance investment, offering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). All the while, SSAE-18 allows clients and those they serve to benefit from stringent auditing and environmental, network and security controls for the protection of confidential data without the responsibilities.

*SOC audits indicate that data center environmental control, environmental security, network monitoring and physical security processes, procedures and controls have been successfully evaluated and tested by an independent accounting and auditing firm.

Deploy Your EHR On-Premise in a Local Data Center

Harris EHR EMR solutions are also available with On-Premise implementation. Hosting software in your own or a local government data center provides your organization with total physical control and responsibility for the solution environment.

Cloud/SaaS Hosted Or On-Premise?

cloud saas vs on-premise pie chart