Integrate Your EHR Solution

Harris EHR EMR software solutions are highly interoperable. Designed and developed for the full range of behavioral and mental health, public health and human services, our systems support leading enterprise service bus integration technology for a choice of real-time or batch frequency, uni- or bi-directional interfacing, as well as import/export.

Providing a wide variety of options, secure, structured and compliant data exchange and messaging may use any number of means or methods, e.g., APIs, CDA/CCDA, CMS 1500, Direct Messaging, EDI, HIPAA 5010, HL7, SOAP, UB-04, Web Services, etc. through standard protocols like S/FTP, HTTP/S and others. Data can additionally be imported and exported using flat file formats, including but not limited to CSV.

Claims Clearinghouses

Harris EHR EMR and Billing Solutions integration with leading claims clearinghouses, like ChangeHealthcare, ClaimRemedi or ZirMed, supports such services as eligibility determination, benefit plan and coverage information, claims scrubbing and submission, ERA/EOB handling and process monitoring. Flexibility in integration additionally supports alternate clearinghouses.

Document Management

In addition to inline document attachment and scanned document association, storing physical paper license/ID and insurance cards, consent forms, etc. as electronic files, our EHR EMR solutions support integration with document management systems, and additionally recommend Milner Technologies for backfile scanning services (data and image conversion, record validation, storage in secure repository accessible to your EHR, and record disposal and disposal).

Electronic Faxing

Our EHR EMR software supports CDA/CCDA, including optional integration with Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange or DataMotion for easy, affordable and secure data sharing, e.g., of CDA/CCDA, fax records, x-rays and other such files. The streamlined workflow offered by our technology with the addition of Kno2 or DataMotion enables data sharing in the right format, for the right chart, and at the right point of care, helping providers and patients alike quickly make the right care decisions.

Health Information Exchange

For more informed health care decision-making, Harris EHR EMR and Billing Solutions support communications providing secure and compliant health care and public Health Information Exchange, including with Regional Health Information Organizations. Standards compliant data sharing, using HL7 or other means, with HIEs/RHIOs may be real-time or on a batch scheduled basis.

Immunization Registries

Supporting the nationwide Vaccines for Children Immunization Initiatives and goals to increase and sustain a high level of vaccination coverage for preventable diseases, Harris systems communicate vaccination data with state Immunization Registries, most often using health care-compliant HL7. For assurance in successful data sharing, our solutions additionally support VFC/HL7 data capture, e.g., vaccine route, site, drug, lot number, expiration date, etc. as well as immunization billing.

Lab Management

To decrease data entry, the incidence of transcription error and the opportunity for misplaced paperwork, our EHR EMR solutions support secure, bi-directional lab integration. This includes options either through the Emdeon Clinician clearinghouse for communications with many labs, or through one-to-one interfacing with a leading national lab (like LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics), or even with state labs. Whatever the nature of lab integration, lab results may be posted automatically or manually.

Patient Portal

For increased patient involvement in their own care, our EHR EMR software offers accessibility to optional Cloud/SaaS Patient Portals, enabling clients or their designees (e.g., guardians, parents) to have secure, 24- hour online access to personal health information in CDA/CCDA format with such detail as patient information, medical history, lab results, immunizations, etc. Additional Portal capabilities support features such as account management, payment processing and secure messaging.


With the goal of helping improve patient safety and the quality of care, EHR EMR and Billing Solutions support e-Prescription, including internal/external pharmacy interfacing using DrFirst Rcopia. DrFirst is a SureScripts Certified Solutions Provider, the first such provider to offer an application for controlled substances handling according to the U.S. DEA Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) rule.

Telephony Appointment Reminders

For patient reminders automation, our EHR EMR software supports interfacing with telephony add-on applications. Such integration facilitates repeated appointment reminders via telephone or text until recipient confirmation and provides the capability to automatically capture the details, e.g., dates and times of calls or texts, into the system.