Choose a Next Generation EHR Solution

Developed and supported by practitioners in health care and public health as much as technology, Harris solutions are built for easy accessibility, flexible configuration, intuitive user interactivity, robust interoperability and assurance in security and compliance.

Get Secure, Role-Appropriate EHR Access Online, On-Demand

Regardless of EHR EMR and Billing Solution Deployment method, Harris solutions are Internet-accessible either through secure remote access, with virtualization, using leading Web browsers (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), or on a mobile device.

Flexibility extends to development. Our solutions are grounded in leading Integrated Development Environment tools, providing a proven framework for rapid, secure and efficient design and development, supporting a Service Oriented Architecture.

SOA provides a means for coupling independent services, promoting re-useable assets, and reducing the time and resources required in software development and integration, enabling Harris to pass on the savings in time and money to our customers.

We employ object relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, and proven foundations, like the Microsoft.NET Framework, to build high-quality, high-performance tools. And all our systems support multitenancy, providing each organization with secure access to their own confidential data.

Save Money With Highly-Configurable Coordinated Care

Our targeted, feature-rich and turnkey software solutions are at once both commercial out-of-the-box and highly flexible for configuration and extensibility. Harris does the initial configuration for you as part of our EHR EMR and Billing Solution Professional Services.

Workflows, care plans, order sets, business logic, decision support and other efficiency and care enhancers are conceived, designed and implemented with health care and public health protocols and best practices in mind.

But you can configure and re-configure Harris solutions yourself on-demand, with or without assistance from Harris Coordinated Care Solutions; though, we are always here to help. This includes authorized user configuration of features and functions, such as:

  • Alerts
  • Code Sets
  • Forms
  • Security
  • Business Rules
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Views
  • Care Plans
  • Decision Support
  • Screens
  • Workflows

Maximize EHR Automation and Minimize the Paperwork

For increased speed, accuracy and consistency, Harris EHR EMR software solutions make maximum possible use of automated data capture and secure Electronic Data Sharing. This includes electronic signatures, bar code scanning and electronic faxing.

Our EHR EMR and Billing Solutions support capture of electronic signatures, including for consents and releases, provider orders, Care Plans, e-Prescriptions, etc. One or more signatories, such as clients, patients, parents, guardians, clinicians and others, may e-sign using either a stored signature, input device (like pen, stylus or mouse), signature pad, or via touch screen.

In addition, Harris technology supports data capture from bar code scanning. Patient driver’s license, ID or insurance cards may be scanned for applicable auto-population. And system Public Health Immunization and Pharmacy Program components additionally support bar code scanning of drug/vaccine bottles or vials for automated data capture as vaccinations are administered and medications are dispensed.

EHR EMR support for integration with Kno2 Direct Messaging or DataMotion also provides secure, electronic document exchange (fax records, medical charts, x-rays, etc.), effectively replacing electronic faxing with a more economical and streamlined workflow.