EHR and Billing Solutions for Adult, Aging and Senior Services

There are tens of millions of Americans age 65 or older, and their number is expected to increase, nearly doubling in coming decades. On average, living longer seems all but given. The challenge is in living better. Successfully helping the aging and elderly population live a better, more independent life means providing person-centric care, mitigating the impact health conditions might have on living, and navigating transitions.

Harris EHR EMR and Billing Solutions for Senior Living are designed to optimize care collaboration across providers, from assisted living to home health care, from long-term care facilities to all manner of health and human services.

Our technology can help aging care organizations personalize care to the individual, conduct cognitive and physical assessments as well as track changes over time, oversee the circle of care including personal caregivers, manage client alerts (e.g., medication, safety, etc.), handle appointments and referrals in and outside the episode of care, keep providers informed of care status, prescribe medications, order labs, capture the details of incidents like elder abuse, and manage billing including Medicare.