EHR and Billing Solutions for Behavioral and Mental Health Care

Behavioral and mental health are no less critical to well-being than physical health. Regrettably, about one and five American adults struggle with some form of behavioral or mental health condition – not to mention, millions of more children. While such disorders know no socio-economic boundaries, the homeless, inmates, substance abusers and veterans seem disproportionately affected. As budgets for mental health services are cut, the demand for services only continues to rise. This demands the use of efficient mental health case management software, and mental health organizations everywhere are making the transition to electronic health records (EHR) systems.

Harris collaborative care solutions help public and private behavioral and mental health providers enhance the quality and efficiency of care and outcomes, while reducing the overall burden of health care costs. Talk to a representative today about how we can help you.


Coordinated Care Platform (CCP)

Supporting the full spectrum of behavioral and mental health, our Coordinated Care Platform delivers built-in yet configurable screening and assessment tools (e.g., ANSA, AUDIT, CANS, C-SSRS, GAD-7, PAQ, etc.), helps match clients with providers including referrals in and outside of the episode of care, manages medication and safety among other triggered alerts, provides configurable Dashboards and decision support to keep providers apprised and on-task, enforces payer authorization and documentation rules to help minimize denials, and generates reports for accountability.

Additional integrated features support mental and physical health care, from intake and registration, to bed management and census, from care planning and services recording, to e-Prescription, labs, and secure and compliant CDA/CCD and other data sharing.

A complete, integrated solution, the CCP marries the electronic health record together with coordinated case management and managed care. Configurable, streamlined workflows increase operational efficiency. Easily customizable Care Plans are tailored to the individual and progress tracked in real-time. MedlinePlus education and aftercare instruction informs patients and families. Electronically shared treatment and discharge planning reduces duplicative services and provides seamless care transition. And aggregate data helps drive improved clinical outcomes and cost savings.

Epitomax EHR

Epitomax is a Web-based mental health electronic medical records software product you can access from any Internet-enabled device (PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.). We’ve also designed Epitomax to be easy to use, regardless of the type of organization — it includes functionality for offices, schools and community mental health organizations. You and your staff will be able to effortlessly manage the full continuum of care, from inquiry to intake to discharge.

The Epitomax mental health EHR platform offers a number of features that benefit both healthcare organizations and the patients they serve:

  • Custom clinical forms: Get customized clinical smart forms with your workflow built in. Forms enable electronic client signature capturing and due date calculation via a user-friendly clinician dashboard that facilitates form management.

  • Patient portal: Our mental health software provides your patients with the flexibility to fill out forms or make a payment at home or wherever they have Internet access.

  • Secure messaging: Provides compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

  • Interoperability: The Epitomax mental health software system has the capability to share and exchange data with other systems, as well as interpret all received data.

  • Insurance card and driver’s license scanning: Our system has the capability to accurately scan and pull data and photos directly from driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards.

  • Credit card processing: The card processing functionality eliminates errors caused by duplicate data entry.

  • Complete revenue cycle management: Effectively manage all aspects of the revenue cycle — you get a flexible billing system, accounts receivable with reconciliation management and full automation.

EHR Software for Therapists

Electronic health records (EHR) systems offer a number of important benefits for behavioral health care providers. An EHR system provides accurate, thorough, up-to-date client information at the point of care. It also provides faster access to records and reduces costs associated with process redundancy and excessive paper/document handling. In a time where patient privacy and data security are of utmost importance, an EHR can facilitate the secure sharing of information between the clients and other clinicians.

Our software solutions can make the cumbersome process of clinical documentation management so much easier. We can help you create custom clinical forms with built-in workflows to streamline and simplify the entire document management process. Epitomax & CCP can also serve as an efficient therapy notes software solution by linking progress notes directly to the client’s treatment plan. Other ways our software can enhance clinical management include driver’s license and insurance card scanning, electronic signature capture and credit card processing. Additional features include a patient portal and secure messaging to help you maintain HIPAA compliance.

Psychotherapy Software

The best psychotherapy documentation software products will streamline and simplify the execution of a multitude of essential tasks related to critical areas such clinical, practice and financial management. Our software provides seamless integration of an electronic medical records (EMR) system with full practice management capabilities. The practice management functionality can help you manage client registration and scheduling with greater efficiency. You will be able to track consumer activity through the full continuum of care, from inquiry to intake to discharge. From a scheduling perspective, you be able to schedule by staff, location, room and client. You can also choose between centralized or clinician-controlled scheduling. In addition, you can generate check-in notifications and appointment reminder text messages or emails.

EHR Software for Psychology

Whether your behavioral health organization is planning to make the move to an electronic health records system or has already made the transition from paper documentation, it is important to choose a software solution that is right for your organization. We can provide a customized, fully integrated software solution that will streamline and simplify multiple work processes throughout your organization. Our representatives will talk with you to discover your needs and help you determine the best software for your situation.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Software

Electronic health records (EHR) systems have revolutionized record keeping and document management processes in all branches of health care, including psychiatric rehab. However, achieving efficiency with an EHR system requires the use of an intuitive, easy-to-use psychiatric rehabilitation software product with robust electronic medical records, billing and practice management capabilities.

The ability of Epitomax or CCP to seamlessly integrate a psychiatric EMR with practice management functionality will enable your organization to significantly improve your practice management capabilities in a number of key areas. Whether you enter notes that generate billable services or you schedule, our workflow can be configured to work the way you do. You will also be able to more effectively manage client data through the full continuum of care, from inquiry to intake to discharge. What’s more, you can automate many practice management tasks that were previously performed manually, which will save time and increase accuracy.

Eliminate Scheduling Hassles Once and for All

Efficient scheduling can be a daunting challenge for any mental health organization. Our mental health software streamlines and simplifies the scheduling process by enabling centralized or clinician-controlled scheduling by staff, location, room or client. The system also provides check-in notifications and appointment reminders. With CCP & Epitomax, you get the benefit of robust office, school and community-based functionality that can be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Our software also offers the advantage of interoperability, enabling the easy exchange of data between multiple systems.

Contact Us to Schedule a Live Mental Health Software Demo

The best way to learn more about how CCP or Epitomax software can increase efficiency and boost profitability in your mental health organization is by scheduling a live demo. A Harris Coordinated Care Solutions representative will walk you through the various software features on a one-on-one basis and answer any questions that arise. Contact us to schedule your live demo today.