EHR and Billing Solutions for Behavioral and Mental Health Care

Behavioral and mental health are no less critical to well-being than physical health. Regrettably, about one and five American adults struggle with some form of behavioral or mental health condition – not to mention millions of more children. While such disorders know no socio-economic boundaries, the homeless, inmates, substance abusers and veterans seem disproportionately affected. As budgets for mental health services are cut, the demand for services only continues to rise. This recommends the use of efficient mental health case management software, and mental health organizations everywhere are making the transition to electronic health records systems.

Harris collaborative care solutions, including the CCP EHR (for larger organizations) and the Epitomax EHR (for a small to medium-size user base), help public and private behavioral and mental health providers enhance the quality and efficiency of care and outcomes, while reducing the overall burden of health care costs.

Supporting the full spectrum of behavioral and mental health, our Behavioral and Mental Health EHR Software delivers built-in yet configurable screening and assessment tools (e.g., ANSA, AUDIT, CANS, C-SSRS, GAD-7, PAQ, etc.), helps match clients with providers including referrals in and outside of the episode of care, manages medication and safety among other triggered alerts, provides configurable Dashboards and decision support to keep providers apprised and on-task, enforces payer authorization and documentation rules to help minimize denials, and generates reports for accountability.

Additional integrated features support mental and physical health care, from intake and registration, to bed management and census, from care planning and services recording, to e-Prescription, labs, and secure and compliant CDA/CCDA and other data sharing.

Complete, integrated solutions, Harris technology marries the electronic health record together with coordinated case management and managed care. Configurable, streamlined workflows increase operational efficiency. Easily customizable Care Plans are tailored to the individual and progress tracked in real-time. MedlinePlus education and aftercare instruction informs patients and families. Electronically shared treatment and discharge planning reduces duplicative services and provides seamless care transition. And aggregate data helps drive improved clinical outcomes and cost savings.