EHR and Billing Solutions for Corrections and Juvenile Justice

On any given day over the last decade, there have been millions in American incarceration facilities and detention centers, and millions more subject to criminal-, drug- or mental health court-mandated supervision. Perhaps as much as half of those confined exhibit some sort of behavioral health issue or mental illness, with some even manifesting first-time symptoms in custody. With detention centers, jails and prisons fast becoming psychiatric wards, care in custody is increasingly complex and costly.

The Coordinated Care Platform EHR EMR for Correctional Healthcare Management provides an integrated, collaborative approach to comprehensive correctional human services, supporting the entire criminal justice continuum of care.

The CCP’s 360° view of data delivers criminal and additional history, screening and assessment, Care Plan and other detail for more informed pre-trial hearing, diversion program evaluation and confinement decision-making. Built-in case management facilities collaboration and coordination of services with continuous monitoring for program and treatment compliance. Tools such as triggered alerts and workflow increase safety; while, discharge planning and aftercare instruction help reduce recidivism and the revolving door.

Harris Web-based software enables adult and youth diversion programs as well as public and private corrections organizations to coordinate and deliver offender-centered care for a real chance at rehabilitation and re-integration into the community.