EHR and Billing Solutions for Foster Care and Adoption

Due to parental abuse, neglect or loss hundreds of thousands of children in the United States find themselves without permanent homes, with the numbers fluctuating over the last decade and from state-to-state. Sadly, many children in foster or kinship care who never attain a lasting, loving family are subject to greater academic, behavioral, emotional and social difficulties that can follow them into their adult lives.

In support of foster care and adoption organizations dedicated to helping these children find a safe and loving home, our Coordinated Care Platform for Foster Care offers dedicated features and functions for documentation of family structures, tracking the assignment and movement of children in need, and monitoring and reporting in support of compliance and licensing rules.

Harris technology is designed to support case management for children and families, placement of children in homes or residential settings, tracking of movement between homes, monitoring of services provided, and outcomes reporting. Our solution enables providers to manage care homes, including certification requirements for homes and training requirements for family members. The online interface then supports matching of children to available homes, placement and bed census.

For foster and adoptive parents, the CCP additionally provides an easy-to-use Web Portal, enabling on-demand access to information for all children in the home and their needs (e.g., allergies, disabilities, diagnoses, medications, etc.), task management and tracking, note taking and observations, and electronic signatures. Data in the Foster Care Portal and the EHR is seamlessly integrated for real-time update as needed.

CCP foster care and adoption helps child welfare organizations improve child placement and safety, manage transitions of care, document client records and child-family communications, monitor outcomes and program efficacy, and meet government and regulatory compliances. Moreover, the system is integrated with back office financials, supporting billing and maximum possible reimbursement for services.