EHR and Billing Solutions for Home Health Care Services

Every day in the United States, thousands of seniors are celebrating their 65th birthday. Others, regardless of age, may have a chronic medical condition, be largely confined by a disability, or be recovering from surgery, a heart attack or stroke. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give to older adults and others in need is helping them stay in the comfort of their own homes. Not only do people feel better about remaining at home, but it may be better for them, decreasing the likelihood of more institutionalized care.

Recognizing that there really is no place like home, Harris’ EHR EMR Software for Home Care enables home health organizations, including providers in skilled nursing, therapy, palliative care, hospice care and other such services, to provide more patient-centric care and coordinate services across all caregivers, while garnering maximum sustainable revenue from Medicare, Medicaid and private payers.

Our Web-based and mobile solutions help home health care providers assess patient needs and develop personalized Care Plans. Management over the entire circle of care enables family members to play a more supervisory role in the patient’s treatment. Consents and releases further support patients’ rights to be more active in their own care. And features such as discharge planning and incident management provide additional patient protections.

All the while, a secure centralized repository bridges the gap between internal and external providers, bringing appointments, referrals, observations and outcome monitoring into a single, dynamic platform. Standards compliance additionally supports health care interoperability for secure data sharing, including using CDA/CCDA. Finally, a highly-configurable financials component triggers public and private billing from home health services rendered, including automated crosswalk between procedures codes, and subsequent claims management.