EHR and Billing Solutions for Integrated Primary Patient-Centric Care

Behavioral and mental health issues and physical health aliments appear intrinsically linked. All too often patients with chronic medical conditions also suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental illness. Identifying and treating those with comorbid brain and body conditions recommends greater communication and collaboration between patients, clinical, community service and mental health providers not to mention payers.

Whether for behavioral, mental or public health, our Joint Behavioral and Health EHR and Primary Care Solutions support the integrated care models fast becoming the standard of care, while helping providers improve clinical and operational outcomes, and reduce costs.

Harris systems provide a holistic view of patient records across assessments including point of care testing (e.g., vitals, pain scales, etc.), diagnoses, Care Plans, medications, progress notes and lab results. Care Plans are built-in from clinical libraries, such as Wiley’s, etc., yet customizable. Configurable alerts trigger allergy and other warnings as well as notifications, e.g., to unsigned documentation. Multidirectional referral management helps match patients to the right provider. Discharge planning is supported, as is seamless interfacing.

All the while robust yet flexible back-end financials and revenue cycle management connect services across the integrated care model, and help minimize denials by enforcing billing, documentation authorization and charge completion rules.