EHR and Billing Solutions for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Ever shrinking budgets, limited resources and expanding requirements are forcing intellectual and developmental disabilities providers to make choices that can impact the level of care they are able to deliver. The individualized Care Plans and coordination of services recommended to best help clients with IDD adapt and develop the conceptual, social and practical skills needed to lead independent, fulfilling lives require solutions that are robust, flexible and affordable.

The Coordinated Care Platform enables dedicated providers to tailor care for persons with congenital IDD (e.g., autism, Down syndrome, etc.) or brain injuries brought about by accident or disease, while keeping down costs by increasing collaboration, reducing duplicative services and helping eliminate the revolving door of care.

With a singular, coordinated all-around view of care, our CCP joins the EHR with case management to identify and assess IDD care needs, document and track assessments as well as internal and external provider referrals, schedule and manage individual and group appointments, create personalized Care Plans and track progress toward goals, provide clients and their families with continuing care education, administer habilitation and residential services, report and track adverse incidents, and secure maximum reimbursement from payers.