EHR and Billing Solutions for Psychiatric Rehab & Psychotherapy

In recent years, as many as one in six American adults has filled a prescription for a psychiatric drug, e.g., anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and other medications. At the same time, the psychiatrists and psychotherapists needed to diagnosis, treat and monitor the underlying physical and mental issues that may lead to such pharmaceutical consumption are in increasingly short supply. More of these medical professionals are retiring and fewer are going into practice — in part due to the mind numbing paperwork and no less onerous task of dealing with payers.

The Epitomax Web-based and Mobile EHR and Billing Solution for Psychiatric Rehab & Psychotherapy providers streamlines and simplifies the mission-critical clinical, practice and financial management chores common to behavioral and mental health practices large and small. With the Meaningful Use 3 certified Epitomax EHR, psychiatrists and psychotherapists can more effectively manage client data through the full continuum of care and automate many day-to-day tasks to save time and increase accuracy.

To begin, Epitomax practice management helps keep psychiatrist and psychotherapist offices running smoothly. Easy and robust inquiry finds existing client records fast. Scanning patient driver’s license and insurance cards populates basic registration data automatically. Online calendaring enables scheduling and management of appointments by staff, location, room and client. And triggered reminders along with check-in notifications go far in decreasing no-shows and increasing on-time sessions.

Our all-in-one solution also increases efficiency and accuracy in clinical practice. Epitomax provides built-in yet configurable consent forms, screening and assessment tools, progress notes templates, discharge summaries, etc., including responsive workflow features that can work the way you do. The system additionally supports psychiatrists’ requirements for prescribing and monitoring medications with DrFirst, including real-time validations, capability to capture electronic signatures, transmission of e-Prescriptions to integrated pharmacies, and more.

With integrated billing and financial management as well, providers can look to Epitomax for generation of medical claims from validated clinical codes, along with support for the full range of payers (private, public and self-pay/co-pay), payment and cash posting, ERA/EOB processing with Claims Clearinghouse integration, provision for handling claims denials and resubmittals, service and billing analysis reports, and a host of other features to keep the cash flowing.