EHR and Billing Solutions for Public Health Immunizations

From the development of the first vaccine more than a century ago to the modern day, vaccines against infectious illnesses and vaccine-preventable diseases have increased the quality of, and altogether saved, countless lives. A most cost-effective means of promoting wellness, administration of immunizations is informed by public health recommendations and backed by the Vaccines for Children and other funding programs, yielding increased vaccination coverage and reduced incidence of infectious disease.

Harris Vaccination EHR EMR and Billing Solutions provide immunization program, pharmacy inventory, and administrative features and functions to assist health care providers in controlling the impact and spread of preventable illness through vaccination.

All highly-configurable, our technology supports immunization program management, enabling providers to capture VFC eligibility and funding source as well the necessary service information (e.g., vaccine and inventory lot, amount and route/site of administration, etc.) for HL7 data sharing with state immunization registries. Additional features allow providers to review immunization history, capture electronic signatures on consent forms, document refusals and adverse reactions, generate and print certificates, and bill payers to recoup funds.

From an inventory standpoint, built-in pharmacy management also supports data capture from bar code scanning, in addition to enabling real-time inventory adjustments as vaccine administration takes place, allowing transfer of drugs to VFC physicians, and managing and printing VIS.