EHR and Billing Solutions for Substance Abuse Treatment

The numbers are startling. Whether impacted by alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription opioids, tens of millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse. More in the U.S. are fighting addiction than are battling all forms of cancer combined. Tens of millions of users, hundreds of billions of dollars – per year. Loss is seen in negative socio-economic consequences from breakdown of the family to increased accidents and abuse, and in the form of an overflowing criminal justice system, not to mention seemingly bottomless health care costs.

Our Substance Abuse Software enables substance abuse treatment program providers to enhance the quality and efficiency of care while continuing to monitor clients through recovery and recapturing costs.


Built on Microsoft Dynamics, the CCP supports intake of substance abuse treatment patients including capturing their history of addiction, provides configurable Web form-based screening (e.g., ANSA, AUDIT, CANS, etc.) to assess each individual’s needs, helps providers develop personalized Care Plans, schedules individual and group appointments, aids in medication administration and monitoring, tracks treatment progress toward recovery goals, manages adverse incident reporting, triggers alerts, generates outcome reports, enables integration, and assists organizations in obtaining reimbursement from payers.