EHR and Billing Solutions for Therapists and Psychologists

Whether chronic or intermittent, mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can have a negative impact on physical health. Similarly, some medical conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis, may leave patients prone to mental health problems, perhaps most notably depression.

Having an effective, secure EHR EMR, practice management and billing system in place is a necessity for all types of health care providers in this day and age — and therapists and psychologists are no exception. A Web-based and Mobile solution, the Epitomax EHR for Therapists and Psychologists, is designed to help mental health professionals enhance the quality and efficiency of care and outcomes for their patients, while reducing the overall burden of health care costs for their practice.

From the onset, the Epitomax Meaningful Use 3 certified EHR provides fast, accurate, thorough, up-to-date patient information at the point of care, increasing process efficiency and decreasing paperwork. Designed for behavioral and mental health, Epitomax also makes quick work of clinical assessments and documentation with built-in yet customizable templates and workflows. The system captures progress notes electronically, including support for SOAP/DAP, etc. and easy addition of phrases common to your practice, then linking your notes directly to the client’s treatment plan. Our solution also provides schedule management for individual and group therapy and other appointments, including triggered patient reminders to reduce no-shows and check-in notifications.

Additional automation features support applicable data population straight into the Epitomax system from scanned driver’s license or insurance card, electronic signature capture (from providers, patients, designees), a Patient Portal that allows each individual to take better charge of their own care and data, and the online credit card processing consumers have come to expect.

Offering revenue cycle management as well, Epitomax provides built-in coding validations and generates medical claims for accurate billing. The system supports public payers and private insurance as well as self-pay – even cash posting – and can handle write-offs and bundling of outstanding charges for collections. Additional features support ERA/EOB processing with Claims Clearinghouse integration, denials and resubmits, Accounts Receivables, and seamless General Ledger.