Empowerment through Epitomax® Software and Services

Hope Services Springs Eternal with Epitomax


Hope Services is a behavioral health organization in North Carolina which provides a continuum of mental health services to children and adolescents and their families. For an organization like Hope Services, managing behavioral health services requires excellent time management, organization and productivity.

In addition, North Carolina, like every other state, has its own unique health system with varying requirements. Along with the different requirement and service names impacting Hope Services on a day-to-day basis, the state also has unique auditing and accreditation requirements.


Nearly a decade ago, Hope Services’ CEO and owner, Wendy Maguire, selected Epitomax® largely for its flexibility and customer service and partnered with our team to deploy the secure hosted Web-based EHR and Billing solution with a goal of improving tracking, accountability, productivity and more.

“I looked at many other EHR systems in the beginning [and] I was attracted to Epitomax because of the ability to customize the system for their customers. That was extremely important to us given the restraints we have with services in North Carolina. I think this puts them well above other systems I’ve seen and heard about.”

From the onset, Epitomax offers a full range of configurable service documentation and activities, including support for real-time monitoring. “Epitomax has been extremely useful in terms of staff productivity for all levels within the organization, specifically direct supervisors of different departments and services,” Wendy said. “You are able to see your productivity at any time, so you can monitor it more easily, more accurately, and it is more readily available.”

With such real-time monitoring, organizations like Hope Services don’t have to wait to reconcile their claims billing. Or, for that matter, manage audits or see comparative analytics. In Epitomax, services connect seamlessly to the billing side.

Finding Epitomax “incredibly easy to use,” Wendy explained their Revenue Cycle Management process: “When staff complete the documentation, the billable service is ready to go. I can run claims through a batch and submit to the identified payer source. Our payer sources are established in Epitomax and the system automatically generates the charges. I can process electronic remittance files, enter payments, reconcile payments, pull reports by denials, and process those denials.”

Wendy also pointed out the value in secure electronic claims processing. “Epitomax offers a secure file transfer to any payer organization that you submit electronic claims to. You give Epitomax the S/FTP address, username and password to which billing organizations you choose, and they set it up for you. They even provide secure folders to keep your claims information separated and organized.”

Epitomax has additionally helped Hope Services recover lost productivity on the front-end even before claims. For their organization, missed appointments meant loss of productivity, not to mention potential billing errors.

Leveraging Epitomax to reduce no-shows, Wendy found that, “setting up Appointment Reminders in the system was really easy.” They “trained staff on it and it was quickly streamlined and… incorporated… into [their] intake process…” In just a few months, Hope Services saw a 3% uptick in attendance, yielding a $1,000+ increase in revenue. Since sending out reminders only cost $180, “[They] found the Appointment Reminders to be very successful.”

Perhaps the greatest benefit for Hope Services has been in the system’s configurability. As Wendy explained, “North Carolina has a very unique mental health delivery system. Services are often called other things and they are structured differently. Since the beginning of implementing Epitomax, we’ve been able to work very closely with [their team] to customize the system and really design those billable activities to mirror and match those services specifically here in North Carolina.”

Healthcare and behavioral health services are not one size fits all. The Epitomax Professional Services team works with clients like Hope Services to create customized solutions for most any situation. In reflecting on her experience with Epitomax, Wendy expressed that: “[They have] been very helpful in reconfiguring things in the system and to work 1-on-1 with us to not only understand the services in North Carolina, but to make some changes that are unique to us in our state.”

Wendy knows just how much our team cares, adding, “Customer service is the one top area of Epitomax that we have always been extremely satisfied with. Customer service is clearly a top priority and we’ve never had issues with response time, with resolving issues.”


After checking off increased productivity and revenue, Epitomax has also provided dividends in terms of accreditation. Hope Services is beholden to multiple regulatory bodies not to mention regular monitoring and audits by the state.

Wendy illustrated just how helpful Epitomax has been saying, “Epitomax gives us the ability to create specific activities in the system so that we can constantly track those and run a simple report when it comes to reporting to those regulatory bodies.” She added, “[With] accreditation, we use a lot of different features in Epitomax to help us compile information that we then have to show during our National Accreditation review.”