PsyTech Solutions Joins Harris Computer Systems

Niagara Falls, NY —  Harris’ Healthcare group (“Harris”) has completed the acquisition of PsyTech Solutions, Inc. (“PsyTech”). PsyTech provides customizable software across all areas of behavioral healthcare. The company serves many segments, including mental health, autism spectrum disorders, and chemical dependency. Epitomax® EHR (electronic health records) software from PsyTech Solutions is an easy-to-use web-based  behavioral health EHR application that offers the flexibility to serve the needs of organizations from outpatient and community-based to residential treatment. PsyTech’s solutions complement Harris’ existing healthcare information technology (“HCIT”) portfolio.

Harris will continue to develop, sell, implement and support the PsyTech applications. Jerry Canada, Jr., President of Harris’ Healthcare group commented, “PsyTech expands our presence in several segments of behavioral health software. We are very pleased to add such a strong SaaS platform to our portfolio of behavioral and public health solutions. I welcome the PsyTech founders and team to Harris.” PsyTech joins the Harris Coordinated Care Solutions business unit specializing in behavioral health software and solutions. More information about Harris CCS can be found at

About PsyTech Solutions, Inc.

PsyTech is dedicated to delivering behavioral healthcare providers with the best customer service and value in a total EHR solution. Starting in 2001, PsyTech has grown with their customers in 18 states across the U.S.

PsyTech’s Epitomax is a premier EHR for small- and medium-sized behavioral healthcare organizations and was recently named to the FrontRunners Quadrant for Mental Health Software. Their innovative use of technology means they can offer high-quality practice, clinical and financial management software with high-touch. Current clients note that “Epitomax has been extremely useful in terms of staff productivity for all levels within the organization, specifically direct supervisors of different departments and services.”

Built as a web-based application, Epitomax mental health software is accessible via the Internet (SaaS). With today’s secure HIPAA-compliant technology, you may safely access your system using the internet without having to buy and maintain expensive IT hardware, such as servers.

Further information about PsyTech and Epitomax may be obtained from its website at

About Harris Computer Systems.

Since 1976, Harris has focused on providing feature-rich and robust industry-specific solutions to Public Sector, Schools, Utility and Healthcare organizations. Harris’ focus is on creating long-term relationships with its customers and ensuring that it meets the changing needs of its customers over time. Further information about Harris may be obtained from its website at