Smart Health Claims and the Indiana Immunization Coalition Partner to Develop a Sustainable Billing Program

Decatur, GA — Harris Coordinated Care Solutions, a leading provider of electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle management technology to Health and Human Services and community providers, announced today that the Indiana Immunization Coalition, in collaboration with the State of Indiana Department of Health, has selected Smart Health Claims to develop a cost-effective, sustainable billing infrastructure for Local Health Departments (LHD) throughout Indiana.

Founded in 2003 by a group of concerned citizens, the Indiana Immunization Coalition’s mission is to “reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases through immunization education, advocacy, promotion and statewide collaborative partnerships.” Serving on the front lines to continue to decrease the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases, they are an advocate for Indiana families, health care providers and LHDs striving to increase vaccination rates in Indiana.

Responding to local health departments’ challenge throughout Indiana to continually increase immunization rates, even while the cost of vaccines increased and in the face of the rising demand brought about by the new influx of patients having health care coverage through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Indiana Immunization Coalition envisioned development of the Billable Program. Their goal is to help LHDs secure a new stream of revenue, enabling funding for private and public stock vaccines as well as additional staff to increase access to affordable immunizations and other health care services for their communities.

As part of the engagement, the SMART Health Claims team will manage insurance contracts and credentialing to enable participating county health departments to become in-network providers, assess current billing policies and procedures and make optimization recommendations, and provide related billing training. As a value-added option, counties may also elect to implement SMART Health Claims for claims processing and revenue cycle management, including additional support services from our billing and coding specialists.

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