Increase Payer Reimbursements

Harris understands that achieving maximum possible payer reimbursement is vital to the continued mission of behavioral, mental and public health. More compensation from payers means more services for your clients, patients and community. Outsourced billing services in the United States provides customers with all the benefits of Harris technology while our team does most of the work to increase your funds.

With outsourced billing you can relieve critical staff from the essential but tiresome task of patient billing data entry, the frustrating and widely dissimilar ins and outs of claims submission for each payer, and the equally maddening chores of claims rejection and denials management. Harris outsourced billing services enable your dedicated staff to focus more on valued patients and less on voluminous paperwork.

Using your choice of EHR EMR and Billing Solutions, your staff continues to interact with patients, collecting patient data and detail for services rendered. But with outsourced billing, employees merely scan forms and upload them to our billing team through secure means. Then we do the billing data entry, scrub and submit claims, follow-up on rejections, manage denials, and post payments.

You… collect reimbursements.

Let Us Perform Revenue Analysis for Your Sustainable Billing Program

Our billing team provides revenue analysis to both assess the potential for revenue and estimate the initial investment to develop or enhance a sustainable billing program. The process includes evaluation of patient demographics, volume, access to other area providers, current and proposed new billable services, area public and private payers, and facility operations (e.g., payer mix, services, technology, etc.). Fee schedule analysis is too available to help ensure no money is left on the table.

Take Advantage of Our Health Care Process, Policies and Procedures Expertise

Assistance with process improvement emphasizes efficient and effective services for the fastest, most complete reimbursement. Our fiscal, hardship, informed consent and other such policies and procedures support increased efficiency and consistency in patient management. And our compliance policies, e.g., HIPAA for patient confidentiality and ICD-10 for coding standards, protect patients’ privacy, help customers achieve maximum reimbursement and insulate providers against fraud.

Discover How to Maximize Your Payer Revenue Without Straining Your Staff

To help customers optimize workflow, we consider facility layouts and available resources to map out essential billing process activities and assign staff for maximum efficiency, streamlined patient and data flow and the most effective billing. This process review and analysis is designed to maximize revenues without straining staff resources.

Leverage Our Payer Expertise to Secure Contracts and Credentialing

Harris expertise includes extensive experience with not only Medicare/Medicaid and benefits programs, but private insurance payers nationwide. Beginning by identifying customers’ major payers, we prioritize health plans based on membership and encounter volume. Then review contracts and credentials, seeking the highest payer reimbursements for billable services. We’re also here to help secure new contracts and credentials.

Cash in on Medical Billing and Coding Training to Increase Your Claims Revenue

Our billing experts are available to review your current claims processing operation and advise on best practices. We may, for instance, identify and analyze instances of under-billing or over-coding. We may also create a Superbill to layout provider services (CPT and ICD-10 codes) and fees for greater ease of management and tracking. Staff training is also offered to help eliminate those missed revenue opportunities.