Accounting & Enterprise Resource Planning

Smart health care organizations need smart business software to match. The HarrisCCS ERP solution integrates and automates your behavioral, mental and public health accounting practices to manage your resources, supporting client care by helping ensure the right people and the right tools are in the right place at the right time.

Reduce and Control Costs in Your Health Care Organization

Our HarrisCCS ERP enables Health and Human Services organizations to manage human and material resources across the enterprise, enabling you to achieve and maintain financial control of your operations while enabling more effective decision-making related to equipment ordering and utilization, supply chain management and a cohesive, streamlined workforce.

Designed for all types and levels of users, HarrisCCS ERP additionally provides user-friendly system management tools for ease of implementation, maintenance and updates, enterprise load balancing, user administration and auditing and more, allowing less-technical users to administer the software and free up your IT staff for other tasks.

Enterprise Resource Planning Capabilities

Finance Management

HarrisCCS ERP is a proven finance software solution for the complete, accurate and easy automation and integration of mission-critical accounting and reporting activities, with features including a General Ledger to consolidate information and provide a holistic view, Accounts Payable for invoicing and payment, and Asset Management for purchasing and amortization.

Decision Support

HarrisCCS ERP helps decision makers by aligning Budgeting and forecasting with Cost Accounting, reporting and analysis, bringing data together in one location to increase decision-making confidence by linking budget tools directly to revenue and expenses with continuous access to historical transaction data and live monitoring of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Supply Chain

HarrisCCS ERP supports end-to-end supply chain Material Management to anticipate and fill demand, including features for supply requisition with seamless integration to Accounts Payable for invoice reconciliation, along with all aspects of e-Commerce enablement from sending purchase orders (POs) and receiving PO acknowledgements as well as Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) to electronic invoicing, payment and catalog management.

Human Capital Management

HarrisCCS ERP enables your organization to simplify and streamline personnel management to achieve total control of workforce-related costs with features including formula-driven Payroll management, Human Resources module to administer everything from recruiting and applicant tracking to labor relations and position management, Time & Attendance, and online Employee Self-Service.

System Management

HarrisCCS ERP offers software and database management tools for easy management of the ERP suite, including Server Update Wizard to manage upgrades and updates automatically, Schema Location Editor to run multiple distinct businesses from a single server, Data Manager for optimal load management across databases, and IT Manager to track upgrades, run usage reports and message system users.