Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management iconOur SMART Health Claims billing solutions and services provide comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, management of the revenue cycle, complete in-process visibility, compliance with health care and government standards, and robust reporting.

Designed and developed specifically for the unique needs of public health, SMART Health Claims streamlines billing and claims management, making it fast to implement and simple to use for state, local and community health professionals.

Increase Medical Claims Revenue with SMART Health Claims

Schedule appointments, automate your medical claims billing process, and run real-time reports – all from one centralized, Web-based interface that can be shared across many facilities. SMART Health Claims is highly adaptable, affordable and available at minimal upfront cost.

SMART Health Claims Capabilities

SMART Scheduler

SMART Health Claims Scheduler provides patient scheduling through a simple, Web-based calendar for fast and easy patient search and display as well as appointment rescheduling and status update, and generation and printing of provider appointment schedules.

SMART Verification

SMART Health Claims Verification supports real-time, on-demand eligibility verification according to public (e.g., Medicare/Medicaid) and private payers’ requirements, generating simple, color-coded coverage details documentation for accurate billing.

SMART Encounter

SMART Health Claims Encounter enables staff to capture, maintain and display history of patient clinical encounter details (including pre-association with ICD, CPT, Modifiers, NDCs, etc.), apply payer(s) with support for split-billing, record payments and optionally make adjustments.

SMART Claims

SMART Health Claims supports electronic claims submission for billing, including simple, color-coded ready/not ready (edit) indicators, built-in integration with leading Claims Clearinghouses services, ERAs/EOBs handling, rejection/denials management, and automatic payment posting.

SMART Payment

SMART Health Claims Payment processes payments from public payers like Medicare/Medicaid as well as insurance providers and for patient self-pay, including handling EOBs, management and tracking of reimbursements and collections, and generation of patient statements.

SMART Reports

SMART Health Claims Reports enables users to take command of information, beginning with easy data extract to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel, extending to a variety of built-in yet configurable reports, and on to a non-technical Report Builder Wizard as well as support for fully ad-hoc reports (ODBC-compliant).