Behavioral & Mental Health EHR

Behavioral and Mental Health iconAn ONC-ACB certified EHR EMR, the Coordinated Care Platform provides a 360° view for true care coordination and collaboration among clinicians, organizations and the people they serve, enabling behavioral and mental health providers to tailor care to the individual, better coordinate services and ensure program compliance.

Delivering a single source solution, the CCP offers Behavioral and Mental Health providers a proven methodology and toolset that fosters quality outcomes, collaboration and communication to efficiently and cost-effectively coordinate services, improve the health and safety of clients and patients, and maximize investment.

Improve Client, Clinical and Program Outcomes AND Increase Revenue

An enterprise-level, consumer-centric solution, the Coordinated Care Platform manages the planning and coordination of behavioral and mental health services across public and private health care providers, yielding improved care quality and outcomes, while helping eliminate duplicative services, reduce administrative overhead, and increase financial accountability.

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Fully Configurable Behavioral and Mental Health EHR

CCP Registration & Intake

CCP provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant and configurable client or patient profile for capture and maintenance of personal information, diagnoses (e.g., from DSM-5, ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, etc.), allergies, clinical measures such as vital signs as well as pain scales and other point of care testing, special needs (e.g., disabilities, substance abuse, etc.), family or other care team connections, etc.

CCP Referral Management

CCP enables providers to manage referrals inside and outside of the episode of care; triggers referral notifications or alerts to responsible providers; supports follow-up task assignment; populates interactive Referral Dashboards; and enables staff to match external providers to client or patient needs, including taking into account factors such as distance of travel.

CCP Financial Management

CCP allows front office staff to capture client or patient financial information, e.g., income, expenses and liabilities for calculation of adjusted gross income for eligibility/sliding fees; supports public and private payers as well as self-pay; captures insurance detail; supports payer ranking for split-billing (e.g., first bill private insurance, then Medicare, etc.); and interfaces with the billing back-end for claims.

CCP Admissions & Bed Management

CCP enables care staff to find inpatient or other beds (e.g., foster care, shelter, etc.), taking into account an individual’s gender, age range, program needs, etc.; supports bed admissions, discharges, transfers including scheduling and wait listing; manages automated or manual bed census; and supports HL7 ADT data exchange with interfacing.

CCP Clinical Assessments

CCP provides a wide range of built-in yet configurable screening and assessment forms (e.g., ANSA, AUDIT, CANS, C-SSRS, GAD-7, PAQ and others); calculates client or patient scores as appropriate to each form; supports electronic signature capture from one of more signatories; and enables end-users to create new or clone existing forms to configure local screening and assessment tools.

CCP Appointment Scheduling

CCP provides a simple online calendar interface for scheduling and managing individual and group appointments, in and outside your care facilities, including features for the management of provider credential validation, block/hold times, group appointments (e.g., for therapy), client or patient no-shows and cancellations, rescheduling, recurring appointments, check-in and service recording.

CCP Care Planning

CCP supports the “Golden Thread” between an individual’s assessments, treatment plans and progress notes; provides Clinical Libraries (e.g., Wiley’s, etc.) to quickly create and automatically populate Care Plans from components; supports addition of services/packages of services; triggers tasks on system Dashboards; enables review and progress note recording; and captures electronic signatures.

CCP Services Management

CCP augments client or patient treatment plans, enabling clinicians to add planned and unplanned services individually or all at once for a group; captures clinical documentation to add group or individual progress notes taking into account Care Plan or template components, e.g., DAP, SOAP, etc.; supports Meaningful Use and optional Microsoft HealthVault for HIE; captures electronic signatures and triggers billing.

CCP Clinical Decision Support

CCP supports Meaningful Use, enabling provider configuration through a guided interface to create alerts or reminders to consider an action based on established criteria, e.g., the finding of “high risk” in narrative text, etc.; then triggering real-time alerts and also populating Dashboards with provider tasks as well recording provider actions and triggering unique workflows.

CCP Computerized Provider Order Entry

CCP provides ancillary provider ordering with electronic signatures, e.g., for medications (in and out of formulary), infusions, etc., including stat, now and PRN orders; enables integration with First Databank (FDB) for triggered duplicative, interaction and other warnings; and allows e-Prescription, securely transmitting orders to an integrated pharmacy.

CCP e-Prescription

CCP, integrated with FDB as well as DrFirst Rcopia, provides fast, efficient and safe e-Prescription of medications; real-time validations for checking against allergies and current medications to trigger drug route, dosages, drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug-disease and other warnings; and supports Electronic Medication Administration to help ensure the right drug is administered to the right patient, in the right dose, by the right route, and at the right time.

CCP Lab Management

CCP provides online lab ordering through CPOE to record the nature, reason, related diagnoses, special instructions, etc. and electronically transmit the lab order with integration either through the Emdeon Clinician clearinghouse for communications with many labs, or through one-to-one lab interfacing with a leading national lab (e.g., LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, etc.), or even with a government lab; additional features include results review, graphing and posting, and triggered workflows.

CCP Incident Management

CCP enables caregiver staff to capture the details of adverse incidents involving clients or patients, such as episodes of abuse, elopement, falls, etc., including incident detail, investigative notes, attachments (for instance, to associate photos of any injuries); and enables triggered alerts and workflows, supporting unique processes and procedures.

CCP Billing

CCP passes data from the EHR, enabling review of provider services along with automated reconciliation against contract rules to identify optimal payer(s); supports real-time error correction; scrubs claims against payer rules; submits claims securely (HIPAA 5010, CMS 1500, UB-04 and EDI) including support for Claims Clearinghouses and ERAs/EOBs; manages payments and adjustments; and automates claims statements.

CCP Document Management

CCP supports inline document attachment; scanned document association (e.g., ID cards, consent forms, etc.) linking documents to records using the seamless integration offered by Microsoft Dynamics and default SharePoint; and advanced Document Management powered by Milner Technologies’ Image Director eView for storing paper files, e.g., charts, x-rays, etc. in electronic files.

CCP Data Sharing

CCP supports Clinical Document Architecture/Continuity of Care Documentation for standards compliant health care data exchange, including capability to send, process, receive CDA/CCD from external providers through the leading Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange using either health care-compliant APIs or through Kno2’s cloud-based Provider Portal.


Easy To Use Behavioral and Mental Health EHR 

Epitomax – Easily Configurable Behavioral Health EMR Software

Epitomax includes a fully customizable behavioral health EMR component. We can build all your clinical smart forms and associated workflows into the software for you, along with Client Signature Capture, Due Date Calculation and a Clinician Dashboard that enables you to manage all forms.

Epitomax Key Features

  • Interoperability with other systems

  • Outcomes and quality management

  • Care integration and coordination

  • ONC-ACB Certified (Modular EHR – Ambulatory)

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Flexible and configurable billing system

  • Inquiry and waiting list management

  • Utilization management

  • Centralized and individual scheduling

  • Patient portal

  • Secure messaging

  • Logic-driven treatment planning

  • Automatic and user-driven alerts

  • e-Prescribing available

Epitomax Financial Management

Epitomax behavioral health billing software includes built-in Accounts Receivable functionality that enables you to speed up the revenue cycle, shorten your days in A/R, improve cash flow and boost the overall financial performance of your mental health organization. Use our state-of-the-art software to eliminate inefficiencies that may be significantly reducing your revenue stream.

Epitomax Clinical Management

Clinical documentation – from Assessment to Discharge Summary – gets completed faster with Epitomax® software for behavioral healthcare providers. Using industry-leading clinical content, configurable forms and supplemental text, Epitomax® behavioral health software facilitates completion of paperwork by staff and enables them to focus on the delivery of services.

Epitomax Clinician Dash Board

Epitomax provides custom documentation workflows and due dates for each customer keep you efficient and in compliance.

Epitomax Automated Tasks

Our mental health practice software automatically generates recurring activities such as routine-care charges and physician rounds.

Epitomax Logic-driven Treatment Planning

Eptiomax provides a process with configurable library of problems, goals, objectives and intervention statements and progress notes are linked directly to the Treatment Plan.

Epitomax Configurable Clinical Forms

Epitomax includes custom form creation for assessments, Intake Forms, Treatment Plans, Progress Notes and Discharge Summaries.

Epitomax Action Lists

These worklists are on-screen, clickable reports that remind staff about important tasks — including Utilization Management, Waiting Lists, Medical Records Worklist, Payer-Verification Worklist and more.

Epitomax Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

Use our behavioral health software to search for available, properly credentialed staff as well as easily schedule and manage recurring appointments. Epitomax mental health practice management software can send appointment reminder emails or text messages to your clients to reduce no-show rates.

Epitomax E-Prescribing

Our partnership with DrFirst gives you world class prescriptions, medications, allergies, interactions, formularies and much more.

Epitomax Service Activity Analysis

Decision-support tools enable analysis of data by business unit or in aggregate; putting information at the fingertips of those who need it.

Epitomax Corrections

Staff may use Epitomax mental health software to modify completed activities to generate corrections. Corrected activities carry through to corrected charges on the account, corrected time cards, as well as corrected claims.

Epitomax Security

Security is a critical concern in today’s stringent HIPAA environment. With strictly controlled access features, our health practice management software empowers you to determine who may access any part of the system, as well as control who can view and add information. Epitomax behavioral health software puts security control in your hands.

Epitomax Billing

EmpowerMax Billing Service empowers your organization to more effectively manage your billing procedures, resulting in lower costs and increased revenue. Your staff will have more time to focus on what matters most: serving your clients.

Epitomax Mobile Workforce

Epitomax is a user-friendly behavioral health EHR software product that can serve the total needs of your organization from initial contact through the continuum of care. Whether you operate a residential treatment facility, outpatient clinic or community-based behavioral health program, this powerful tool can help you increase cash flow, maintain HIPAA/HITECH compliance and enhance your overall quality of client service.