Document Management

Harris Document Management provides Health and Human Services organizations with a proven solution for secure and easy access to clients’ paper charts, online in real-time. Our solution seamlessly integrates document management with your Harris EHR system to provide capture, archive and retrieval capabilities for all your mission-critical health care records.

Access Electronic Charts Online Through Your EHR

Providing the knowledge and technology to implement a complete turnkey enterprise content management solution that includes hardware, software licenses, professional services, training and optional backfile document conversion, Harris Document Management enables your organization to at long last stem the never ending flow of paper.

Document Management Capabilities

System Integration

Harris Document Management supports integration of document scanning and indexing with your EHR for a single point of view into client license/IDs and insurance cards, medical charts, notes and assessments, e-mail communications, etc.

Document Scanning

Harris Document Management is offered with scanning technology and image capture, including hardware and software, to scan images, capture index data and generate full-text searchable Adobe .PDF files for secure storage in the electronic image archive.

24×7 Accessibility

Harris Document Management provides 24×7 access to electronic client charts for simultaneous sharing among the authorized care team and improved quality of care with more timely and thorough accessibility to information, while all but eliminating the risk associated with paper data flow.

Document Management

Harris Document Management enables authorized users to sort through client electronic charts and easily view, search, redact, combine, print and e-mail individual documents online, in real-time from the Web-based interface.

Data Confidentiality

Harris Document Management allows office staff to systematically redact confidential data, including information cited for non-disclosure according to clients’ signed consent and release forms, to safeguard electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

Staff Productivity

Harris Document Management helps eliminate paper-intensive, time-consuming and expensive hardcopy document handling, increasing productivity of your staff with a more economical and streamlined electronic workflow.

Document Auditing

Harris Document Management provides a built-in audit trail, increasing your organization’s user auditing capability, efficiency and accountability with detail reporting available on all electronic document activities and access.

Secure Storage

Harris Document Management maintains your document image archive and index data in encrypted form for storage on a secure server where the irreplaceable originals are unalterable for assurance in continuous document accessibility and integrity.

Disaster Recovery

Harris Document Management protects against the loss of paper records, providing organizational business continuity with an integrated content archive to deliver access to client charts and other documentation in the event of a disaster.

Rapid ROI

Harris Document Management seamless administration and workflow of client documentation enables behavioral and mental health providers as well as public health entities to achieve a rapid Return On Investment from reduced costs for maintenance, retrieval and storage of paper files.